New Trier Republican Organization endorses Dan Patlak


WINNETKA — Cook County Board of Review Commissioner Dan Patlak led the slate of candidates that the New Trier Republican Organization endorsed Saturday morning at the Winnetka Community House.

The NTRO also strongly endorsed six other candidates, including Lauren Turelli (58th Illinois House District), Marc Levine (9th Illinois Senate District), Dr. Arie Friedman (29th Illinois Senate District), Rep. Robert Dold (10th U.S. House District), Timothy Wolfe (9th U.S. House District), and James Pieczonka (Cook County 12th Subcircuit Judge).

Patlak, the incumbent, has brought more efficiency and better representation to taxpayers at the Board of Review. A long-time member of the New Trier Republican Organization, Patlak first won election to the board in 2010.  In winninghis seat two years ago, Patlak became the first Republican in 15 years to unseat a Democratic incumbent for a county office.

“Dan Patlak’s impact on the Board of Review has resulted in more efficiency and transparency in the office as well as savings for taxpayers,” said NTRO Committeeman Bill Cadigan, who also offered his personal endorsement of Patlak at the meeting. “The NTRO is very strongly in support of his primary campaign and will be there with him this Fall as he seeks re-election.”

Turelli, a Lake Forest resident, received the endorsement over obstetrician Dr. Mark Neerhof in the race to replace retiring Democrat Karen May. Turelli ran a strong campaign against May in 2010, while Neerhof is running a credible primary campaign for the seat as well.

“It’s great news for voters in the 58th that we have two very strong, qualified candidates,” Cadigan said.

Levine is running unopposed in the primary but will face presumptive Democrat nominee Daniel Biss for the 9th District Senate seat to be vacated by Jeffrey Schoenberg.

“This race will be a contrast in approaches to handling the state’s fiscal mess,” Cadigan said. “Marc Levine is very knowledgeable on the state’s massive unfunded public pension liabilities that threaten our future, and he’s committed to fixing the problem.  He is just the kind of independent thinker and problem solver that wins elections on the North Shore.”

Friedman, a Highland Park pediatrician, is running for the Illinois Senate seat that Lake Forest Democrat Susan Garrett holds.  The state’s budget woes were a recurring theme during the endorsement meeting, as WLS-AM radio personality Dan Proft headlined the morning with some remarks.  NTRO also held a straw poll for President in which former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney won by an overwhelming margin.



For more information about the New Trier Republican Organization, please click here:  Phone: 847-251-6100


Five Questions with a Property Tax Whiz: Dan Patlak

The Patch interviewed Dan Patlak about property taxes.

Do all those property tax numbers make your eyes squint? If you're looking for some clarity, you're in luck. Cook County Board of Review Commissioner Dan Patlak will host a property tax seminar in Northfield Township on Wednesday, Jan. 11. The event is at 7 p.m. at the Bernard Weinger Jewish Community Center, 300 Revere Dr. in Northbrook. Patch talked with Patlak to learn more about the seminars.

Related: Understanding Your Cook County Property Taxes

Patch: Why is it important for residents to attend the property tax seminars?

Patlak: No one should pay more than their fair share of taxes. Therefore, any property owner who believes they may be overassessed owes it to themselves to attend a Board of Review Assessment Appeal Seminar to find out the range of reasons a home may be entitled to an assessment reduction. Any taxpayer who wonders why property values can go down while property taxes go up will walk away with several reasons for that occurence. Any homeowner who wants to learn more about which exemptions they may be entitled to should plan on attending as well.

Patch: How many people usually attend, and what are their reasons for coming?

Read more at The Patch.


Charges Made in Cook County Board of Review Race Getting Serious

Warner Todd Huston of The Prairie State Report has a story on the Cook County Board of Review Race.

Charges Made in Cook County Board of Review Race Getting Serious

It may seem awfully early for full broadsides in the world of primary politics for anything other than the GOP presidential primary, but the race for a GOP seat on the Cook County Board of Review is already filled with charges, some of them seemingly quite serious.

Now, the Cook County Board of Review is a sort of arcane office in the first place. You go to the Board of Review if you think your property taxes are too high and you want a reassessment of that bill. Since it has a pretty singular focus having some good knowledge about the appeals process would seem like a must for any worthy candidate. One would also hope that any candidate offering himself for the board would be free of ties to corrupting influences as well, but, well, we are in Illinois, right?

Past tales of corruption with the Board are legendary, of course. This is why, not long ago, the Board was expanded from two members to three. But the question we need to contend with is just this: is incumbent GOP Board member Dan Patlak involved in any of this corruption? Challenger Republican candidate Sean Morrison has made pretty bold charges that he is involved in quid pro quo, pay-to-play corruption. He’s charged that Patlak is taking large sums of money from lawyers and in return giving them favorable reassessments.

This is a pretty hefty corruption charge, and if proven should really hurt first term Commissioner Patlak.

Read the rest at


Leyden, Thorton, Wheeling, North Chicago, South Chicago and West Chicago Townships Now Open For Appeal until Jan 20th

Leyden, Thorton, Wheeling, North Chicago, South Chicago and West Chicago Townships now open for appeal until Jan 20th.  Appeal online at the Cook County Board of Review website.

Attend one of Dan's Assessment Appeal Seminars to find out how to appeal your Cook County Property Taxes.


Dan Patlak Petition Filing

Dan Patlak was the first Republican in line today to file his petitions, filing over 9,300 petition signatures.




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