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Dan Patlak was featured in the July 9th edition of the hiIndia newspaper.

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Property Tax Education Center Now On-Line

Chicago Young Republicans - Dan Patlak Announces Property Tax Education Center

Publius Forum - Property Tax Education Center Now On-Line

Chip Hanlon's Red County - Property Tax Education Center Now On-Line

Chicago News Bench - Candidate Dan Patlak Offers Free Property Tax Help

Wheeling—Cook County Board of Review candidate Dan Patlak has announced the grand opening of his new “Education Center” located on his web site at www.ElectPatlak.com. The Education Center possesses an array of pages for taxpayers to explore that include links to county and state property tax related departments, an “Ask Dan” section where taxpayers can pose their own questions, a listing of townships currently open for appeal to the County Assessor, a description of property tax exemptions available to homeowners and a variety of other information about the property tax system in Cook County.

“This campaign is about empowering individual taxpayers,” said Patlak. “Our Education Center provides information to property owners so they will have the ability to determine whether they are paying an appropriate share of the overall tax burden. It also encourages them to think about where their tax dollars are going and how they are being spent. An informed citizen is a good citizen and as a Commissioner at the Board of Review I plan to continue educating taxpayers about how the system works and how they can be sure they are paying no more than their fair share,” concluded Dan Patlak.

Dan Patlak worked as an analyst at the Board of Review for eight years from 1999 to 2006 specializing in residential, commercial apartment and exempt properties. After completing advanced courses in property appraisal required to become a Certified Illinois Assessing Officer, Dan was elected Assessor of Wheeling Township in 2005 and re-elected in 2009. Mr. Patlak received his real estate broker’s license in 1986 and is a Graduate of the Real Estate Institute (GRI). He has been a member of the National and Illinois Associations of Realtors for the past twenty-three years. He is also a member of the International Association of Assessing Officers. Dan resides in the Village of Wheeling with his wife Dulce and nine year old son Teddy.

Dan Patlak
Candidate-Commissioner, Cook County Board of Review
113 Berkshire Drive
Wheeling, IL 60090
W) 847-541-5112
C) 847-867-2375


Juny 29th Palatine Township Republican Volunteer Meeting

Dan Patlak and his campaign staff attended the Palatine Township Republican Organization's Volunteer Meeting June 29th.

Justin Kuehlthau, Sharon Langlotz Johnson and Dan Patlak


Pioneer Press - June 24, 2010 - Taxpayers beware

From the Pioneer Press.  Read the original here.

Property assessments are being lowered throughout Cook County, but it's not necessarily a time to rejoice -- your tax bill still might be rising.

Homeowners all over Cook County are appealing their property assessments. With the housing market still on life support, homeowners question whether the market value assigned to their home should be lowered.

But there's a lot more they should be concerned about.

Chicago properties are being reassessed this year and most predictably are being lowered. To prevent suburban Cook County properties from absorbing a higher proportion of the tax burden as the Chicago property assessments are lowered, the assessor decided to give suburban homeowners a reduction in their assessment, based on the township in which they live. Evanston Township property tax owners, for example, received an across-the-board 4 percent reduction in their assessments while Maine Township owners received a 12 percent reduction.

Another reason for the reductions is a new Cook County ordinance that simplifies the assessment process, requiring all residential property to reflect a market value of 10 percent and commercial property, 25 percent. In the past, the assessment had some vague relation to market value, but few could figure it out. Starting this year, homeowners should have a better idea of whether their assessment is in line with what their home is worth.

A 4 percent lower assessment does not mean a tax bill will be lowered 4 percent, of course. Tax bills are primarily dependent on the amount of money local taxing bodies request from their property owners.

In fact, changes from the lowered assessment could impact tax bills negatively and should be watched carefully.

According to a representative from the Cook County assessor's office, one of the reasons suburban homeowners received a reduction in their assessments is to counter the big reductions the Board of Review is granting to commercial property owners.

If commercial properties receive large reductions in their assessed value, more of the total tax burden would be shifted to homeowners. Local officials and legislators, and taxpayers, should monitor this carefully.

Another factor that could cost taxpayers is the consequence of all the assessment challenges. Because tax bills can't be prepared until all the appeals have been settled, the second tax bill will be delayed, experts say.

Nominally scheduled to be sent in September, this year's bills may be mailed after the first of the year. This will have major repercussions for taxing bodies who rely heavily on property tax receipts, especially schools which receive most of their revenue from property taxes.

With budgets strained to the max, districts which have had to cut teachers to balance the budget will be pressed even more to pay bills. More and more will have to borrow just to get by.

And many will need to ask taxpayers for additional revenues to pay those borrowing costs. Or make further cuts.

With all the changes with assessments and the challenging of those assessments, it's more important than ever to carefully monitor your tax bill.

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