Commissioner Dan Patlak's Letter To The Editor

Commissioner Dan Patlak recently had a Letter to the Editor giving an update on the completed 2015 Property Tax Assessment Appeal Session published in the Daily Herald. Please read on to find out the exciting developments at the Board of Review.

The Cook County Board of Review recently closed its 2015 Property Tax Assessment Appeal Session on time. This is not news in itself as the Board of Review has closed on target the past five years. Except this was not a typical assessment year. 2015 marked a monumental leap in efficiency at the Board of Review leading the way in county government with the launch of a new Digital Appeals Processing System.

Simultaneously occurring during the 2015 assessment session was a city triennial assessment cycle -- which yielded a historic number of appeals filed with the Board. A perfect storm was in place!

The new technology provided an unprecedented ability to track and process files; greater transparency, access, and ease of use for the appellant; better overall management; and saved over 2 million pieces of paper .

With the streamlined system in place, the board adjudicated more appeals with a smaller staff and completed our work early.

This means second installment property tax bills will be mailed out on time and assures an uninterrupted revenue stream for local education, police and fire protection, and numerous other local services and projects. It is important to note it is a bipartisan effort that allows the board to succeed.

The board consists of three commissioners, two Democrats and one Republican. At a time when other government offices are at odds, the Board of Review is once again quietly and efficiently accomplishing its job with a state-of-the-art system that came in on time and on budget .

Commissioner Dan Patlak joined over 1000 other Republicans at the 2016 Lincoln Day Dinner

Commissioner Dan Patlak joined over 1000 other Republicans at the largest ever Northwest Suburban Lincoln Day Dinner.  The 2016 Lincoln Day Dinner's featured speaker was Texas Senator and Republican Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz.

Dan Patlak on WTTW’s 2016 Voters’ Guide to the Primary

View The Video

WTTW’s 2016 Voters’ Guide to the Primary is an online resource designed to inform voters about the candidates running for Cook County office in the March 15 election.

Every candidate running for a Cook County office was given two minutes to tell voters where they stand on the issues, why they feel they are best qualified and what they intend to do if elected or re-elected.

About this office: The Board of Review

The Cook County Board of Review is a three-member board, elected from three electoral districts, that hears and decides taxpayer complaints on assessed value or exempt status of real property in Cook County. In 2016, one commissioner each from two of the three districts will be elected.

About this candidate:

Name: Dan Patlak
Party: Republican
Born: March 1962
Residence: Wheeling
Family: Married with one son
Occupation:Commissioner, Cook County Board of Review
Political experience:Elected to Cook County Board of Review November 2010; re-elected to Board of Review in 2012; elected Wheeling Township Assessor 2005 and again 2009; elected East Maine School District 63 Board Member 1995.

What is your vision for this office?
To provide fair and impartial hearings in a timely, professional and cost efficient manner for taxpayers who are contesting their property tax assessment.


Hello, my name is Dan Patlak and I am a commissioner at the Cook County Board of Review, the office that reviews property assessment appeals.

In 2010 I ran on the premise that taxpayers were entitled to have a commissioner who was highly qualified and who would make the job a priority. As a twice-elected township assessor, a Certified Illinois Assessing Officer, a licensed real estate broker and a former analyst at the Board of Review, I promised that I would serve as the first-ever, full-time commissioner and I have kept that promise.

By working with my fellow commissioners we have made tremendous strides in making our office more efficient, transparent and accessible. Online appeals were a priority and we put them in place eight months after my election. Our offices' first-ever annual report was issued in 2011 and every year thereafter and is available on our website. A Freedom of Information page was added to our website to make it easier for the public to review our decisions. This past year we made the most dramatic improvement in the history of the Board’s operations, completing a four-year project that resulted in the Digital Appeals Processing system, a government project that was completed in time and on-budget.

DAPS, as we now call it, allows appellants to upload their evidence to us online and they can check the results of their appeal and the notes written by our analysts on their home computer. We have eliminated the use of over two million pieces of paper by going to a completely digital system that eliminates the need to physically create, analyze and transport paper appeal files. DAPS has allowed us to adjudicate the largest number of appeals in the history of the county while still finishing our job in time to get second installment tax bills out on time.

As a candidate running for re-election I am asking for your vote in the March 15 primary and the November 8 general election.

Thank you so much for your consideration.

Commissioner Dan Patlak Featured On ABC 7 News

Commissioner Dan Patlak was featured on ABC 7 News for being first in a long line outside Cook County Clerk David Orr's office as the one-week filing period starts for candidates seeking countywide offices in the March 15 primary election.  "We decided we wanted to be first and we did it," Patlak said.

Commissioner Dan Patlak Officially Declares Candidacy With Over 13,400 Signatures

Commissioner Dan Patlak officially declared his candidacy for re-election this morning as the first candidate to file at the Cook County Clerk's office. We submitted one-thousand and six pages containing over thirteen-thousand-four-hundred signatures. Much thanks to all those who signed and special thanks to the over two hundred circulators who helped us eviscerate our petition goal. Now, on to victory in the March 15 primary and November 1 general election.

Team Patlak Republicans Raises The Most Money With The Biggest Team For A Safe Haven 5K

Thank you Team Patlak Republicans!

With your help, we organized the largest team at the A Safe Haven 5K race in Douglas Park, and raised more money than any other team for a very worthy cause - helping homeless veterans. We received 2 awards from Neli Vasquez Rowland, President & Co-Founder of A Safe Haven: Team with most members (113), and raising the most in donations!

With your participation, we demonstrated Republican Community Service to a facet of Chicago society that does not normally have the opportunity to see it.

A successful event! Let's do this again next year!

Commissioner Dan Patlak

Commissioner Dan Patlak congratulates Dan Michaelides On Earning His CIAO Designation

As seen in the Chicago Tribune, Cook County Board of Review Commissioner Dan Patlak congratulates Arlington Heights resident and Board of Review Analyst Dan Michaelides on earning his CIAO designation.

Commissioner Patlak has put forth an aggressive effort to host advanced assessment classes at the Board conducted by instructors from the IDOR & the IL Property Assessment Institute. The CIAO designation is held by every Township assessor in IL.

Commissioner Dan Patlak Joined The Cook County Property Tax Seminar

Commissioner Dan Patlak participated in a panel discussion entitled: The Cook County Property Tax Seminar - hosted by the Wheeling Chamber of Commerce. The 3 member panel also included Tom Jaconetty, Deputy Assessor of Valuation and Appeals, Office of the Cook County Assessor, and Tax Attorney, Brian Liston. Nick Helmer, Mayor of Prospect Heights acted as moderator. Thank you to Executive Director, Jim Krappel, of the Wheeling/Prospect Heights Chamber of Commerce for inviting me to join this lively discussion!

Commissioner Dan Patlak Speaks To The Lansing Chamber of Commerce

Commissioner Dan Patlak spoke to the members of the Lansing Chamber of Commerce at a unique and historical place - the Lansing Municipal Airport (Henry) Ford Hangar!  Built in 1926, the hangar was recently renovated by the Ford Hangar Foundation. Today's lunch meeting was also a celebration of completing that renovation. Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart are said to have utilized this hangar/airport.

Why I Run To End Homelessness and Why You Should Too!

For the third year in a row, Cook County Commissioner Dan Patlak is again RUNNING! To End Homelessness for Veterans.  He graciously shared his story and stated that several years ago a friend introduced him to A Safe Haven and invited him for a tour.  What impressed him the most were the services available for veterans and other vulnerable homeless men, women and children.  The mission of A Safe Haven's work is not just to provide a warm bed and food, but to offer a holistic approach to restore the life of the person.

"When individuals and families leave A Safe Haven, they are self-sufficient and are not in need of government assistance.  It's a Win/Win for the public and for the Individual. Veterans have given so much of themselves to this country.  More than most people can imagine.  It's important that we are there to provide Veterans with the support they need when they are in distress.  They deserve it!  A Safe Haven programs offer individuals a continuum of care to ensure they have the tools they need to become economicly self-sufficient" said Commissioner Patlak.

With an onsite U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs Community Resource and Referral Center, ASHF streamlines access to VA Benefits and supportive services for Veterans, with the goal of stabilizing their lives and getting them permanently housed as soon as possible, while connecting them with the resources needed to ensure they are able to maintain independency.

Join Team Patlak Republicans Now!